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About Us

We offer services in manufacturing, construction and design of wooden stairs, doors and furniture of oak finger. We are working in this field since 1995 for the manufacture of our products, we use eco-friendly materials were dried in a vacuum drying chambers, and adhesives and varnishes highest quality from leading manufacturers from around the world.

Internal control on our production guarantees high quality of the output. We execute orders within 2-4 months.

Wooden stairs

  • Modern

    A distinctive alternative to the traditional home design is the use of wooden stairs in a modern style. Depending on your preferences, they can create a light atmosphere, giving up of straight lines and corners, making it more natural, or vice versa they can add solidity. Elegance and original design of stairs in a modern style will satisfied even the most demanding customer. After all, these stairs will become a key element of any interior and will amaze you with unique and wonderful combination of beauty and naturalness.

  • Classic

    Classics … it is eternal! Over the years, fashion and tastes were changeable, but this certain style – classics has always remained the same! That’s why we offer you classic traditional staircase. Usually, the traditional classic design of stairs includes rich and sophisticated elements. Using this design, you can eliminate almost any element of décor.

  • Exclusive

    Exclusive stairs differ from other classes of certain features. First of all, and what is most important, is their approximation to the unique architectural masterpieces. Architecture, as a true art, is unique and not cheap, it accompanies a person throughout life. Exclusive stairs, manufactured by professionals in their field, or rather, creators, are created in a single copy, and they are a reflection of true art. If you want to emphasize the features of the taste and character of the inhabitants of the house, then it is necessary not only to create an exclusive construction and design, but also seamlessly use it and fit it in the overall interior of the premises and the house. Exclusive stairs always demonstrate your taste, persona and potential. We are eager to create precisely